Live Arts Learning Grant ($500-$4,200)

Encompassing previous school-based grants known as Collaborating Artists Program (CAP), Alabama Touring Artists Program (ATAP), and Rural School Touring Program (RST) the Live Arts Learning grant program offers grants ranging from small hour-long performances by regional performing artists to robust artist-in-residence programs. With a streamlined application process in our grant portal system, artists, arts organizations, and schools can all apply for funds to bring the arts into their schools or to take their students to see the arts in their community.

Singer, songwriter, Russell Gulley teaches
reading and writing skills through music.

Live Arts Learning grants differ from Enhancement grants in that there is a rolling deadline for these applications and each application is not paneled but is decided by the program manager and based on availability of funds. As with the other Arts in Education grants, Live Arts Learning applications must be school-based and be an arts forward experience for students.

What We Fund

Like Enhancement grants, funds can be used for transportation, tickets, presenter and artists fees, and any other cost directly related to bringing the arts to students. Individual artists, schools, or arts organizations are welcome to apply and add collaborators to the application (for example, if the school is the applicant wanting to bring a dance company to the school for a performance, the applicant will add the representative from the dance company to the application as a collaborator).

Matching Requirement

There is no matching requirement with Live Arts Learning Applications. Each applicant must choose their funding request based on the size of the experience. A small one-hour assembly style performance, for example, would be funded as much as $500 whereas an artist-in-residence program would be funded at a maximum of $4,200.

How to get started

Schools, artists, and arts organizations should independently arrange plans for programs/events/workshops with collaborating partners before applying. A great resource to make connections is the Alabama Arts Alliance platform artlook, supported by the Alabama State Department of Education. artlook is a searchable database matching artists and organizations with schools looking to bring the arts to their students. The database can be found here:

If you need further assistance in identifying collaborators please reach out to Kaci Norman, Arts in Education Program Manager, at