Collaborating Artist Program ($3,200 - $4,200)

Schools who would like to explore the process of working through the arts to increase student success are invited to apply for the Collaborating Artist Program. The Program is designed to support schools by offering an innovative way to address a unique challenge identified by each school.

Singer, songwriter, Russell Gulley teaches
reading and writing skills through music.

The program provides an intensive arts integration experience for a small target group of students and teachers. The Council is committed to provide:
  • Trained teaching artists
  • On-going Council support
  • A program handbook
  • Fully paid artist fees
School should be willing to commit:


  • Schools pay substitutes to cover teachers’ classes for one full day of planning
  • Schools secure materials and supplies
  • Schools provide travel and accommodations, if required. Local artists may be employed to eliminate this expense.


  • 1-6 teachers (in a common grade level or subject area)
  • Program Coordinator - one school staff person


  • School chooses 3 or 4 weeks of daily instruction
  • Included is a community sharing event and a full faculty in-service provided by the artist


For more information contact Diana F. Green at

Schools requesting residencies that do not fit the Collaborating Artist Program model are welcome to apply under Curriculum-Based Project Grants.