Arts in Education
Arts in Education

This program seeks to incorporate the arts as an essential component of the educational experience of all students in preschool through 12th grade. Opportunities are offered through grants, initiatives, professional development, statewide convening and consulting services. The program enjoys a strong and unique partnership with the Alabama State Department of Education, the Alabama Alliance for Arts Education and the Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts.

Through the grant component of this program funding is available for projects that take place in the schools as part of the regular curriculum and advance the role of the arts as essential to student learning. Projects tied to curriculum may include classes, workshops, consultants, guest artists, performances, exhibits, professional development, residencies and activities designed to increase the quality of arts in our schools. Smaller grants are provided for arts exposure and arts enrichment activities, such as performances, field trips, or professional development workshops.

For more information on grants and other opportunities, please refer to the Guidelines for grants and fellowships here.

Arts in Education Grants

March 1 - Arts Educator Fellowship
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June 1- For school-year projects
September 1- For projects which will occur between January 1 & September 30

Artistic Literacy Consortium

Artistic Literacy Consortium was established as a partnership between the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the Alabama State Department of Education, and with broad membership to provide collective impact toward providing quality arts education for every Alabama student. The initiative includes a plan that was unanimously endorsed by the Arts Council and the State Board of Education. This plan calls for collaborations between schools and communities to provide equitable access to the arts for our students. For more information about the Artistic Literacy Consortium, please visit the ALC Site.

Special Programs


  • Live Arts Learning Roster - update coming soon!

Questions and Consultation

For questions related to Arts in Education, please contact:

Kaci Norman, Arts in Education Program Manager

Rosalind Tucker, Programs Assistant