Award Letter and Grant Agreements

The Council approves grants in June, September, and December. After the decisions are made an award Letter is sent, followed by two copies of the grant agreement. Before signing and returning these documents, please check to be sure the NAME and ADDRESS are correct and match what is on the Tax Exempt Letter or birth certificate/social security records. Both signed copies of the grant agreement must be returned to the Grants Office within 30 days of receipt. If the documents are not returned within this time frame, the agreement becomes void and the grant can be cancelled.

Vendor Registration

Every person or entity receiving a grant is now considered a vendor of the state. As a vendor you are required to register in the STAARS Vendor Self Service Portal. Here is the link to the website:

For instructions on how to register and how to use the portal, please read the Job Aid for New Registration and the Vendor Self Service Guide. It is important that the NAME and ADDRESS listed in the registration fields are same as the information listed on the original grant application submitted to ASCA and printed on the grant agreement. This information must match exactly on all of the documents.

Change of Project Scope for Officials

Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the project scope after the grant has been awarded. For example, the artist selected is no longer available or the workshop had to be cancelled, etc. Also, there may be a change in personnel if the project director and/or the authorizing official are no longer with the organization. Please click here to download the Project Change Form. The Project Change Form should be completed, signed, and returned to your program manager for approval before implementing any changes.

Grant Payment(s)

An invoice and request for payment form was included with the grant agreement. Please sign and return this form to request the first payment on your grant award. Again, be sure that the name and address are exactly the same as the information you entered in the STAARS Vendor Self Service Portal. The final payment on the grant award will be sent after the receipt of the final report.

Final Report

If you applied for the grant through the eGrant system, you must submit the final report through eGrant. Log in through the eGrant’s main page and you will see the final report option listed under the application for your current grant.

Click here for the Art and Cultural Facilities Final Report Form, Folklife Apprenticeship Final Report Form and the Technical Assistance Final Report Form.

Final reports are due thirty days after the funded project is completed with the exception of projects with a September end date. If the project contract has a September end date and the project activities and/or expenditures will not be completed by September 1, the Request for Advance or Reimbursement Form must be completed and submitted before September 15 to the Grants Office (Click here for a link to the form). It is important to remember that your organization is still required to submit the final report through the eGrant system by October 10.

It is the responsibility of your organization to remember when final reports are due and to submit them in a timely manner. Delinquent final reports may result in grant cancellation and forfeiture of any grant balance.

If you have problems submitting your final report, have encountered a problem with your project that changes it from the scope of the project proposed in your application, or anticipate that your organization will not complete the project or request the full amount of the grant award, you must communicate with the appropriate program manager immediately.

Publicity, Credit Language, Logos

The Alabama State Council on the Arts (ASCA) is pleased to award grants to nonprofit arts organizations, artists, schools, universities, municipalities, and a wide range of community groups.

As a recipient of Alabama State Council on the Arts grants, we rely on you, the grantee, to help publicize the work these grants makes possible. When you acknowledge ASCA in your publicity materials, citizens and elected officials learn why these funds are important to all Alabamians. To help elected officials understand what the investment of public funds for arts activities accomplishes, we strongly encourage you to contact your state senator and representative(s) and U.S. senator and members of Congress and invite them to your public program(s). And, we encourage you to write a letter thanking them and making them aware of the programs made possible by their support. Please send copies of invitations and letters to ASCA’s office.

For further information on who your specific state legislators or Congressional representatives are, please visit the following websites:

For State Senate and State Representative Districts:

For U.S. Congressional Districts:

Credit Language:

Include the following statement in all promotional materials, press releases, advertisements, and printed collateral:

“This program/project has been made possible by grants from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.”

When no printed materials or programs are used, please give verbal credit to the Council prior to each event.

Please click here for logos.

If you have questions about publicity materials, please email