The Artistic Literacy Consortium is the result of a partnership between the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the Alabama State Department of Education. In September 2013, a task force was formed to create a plan that would make measureable progress toward developing artistic literacy in all Alabama students. After a two year process a comprehensive plan for multiple diverse stakeholders was unanimously endorsed by the governing boards of both organizations. The result was the founding of the Artistic Literacy Consortium.

Shared Mission

To provide fully funded high-quality arts education that enlightens, inspires, and develops in every Alabama student the creative and innovative thinking necessary to ensure college and career readiness.

Artistic Literacy Consortium

The Artistic Literacy Consortium is a collective impact effort that can only succeed with a robust membership of active and diverse stakeholders who wish to combine resources with the desired outcome of providing artistic literacy for every Alabama student. Membership is free and open to organizations and individuals who wish to engage in our shared mission. PLEASE JOIN US!


Founding Members: Education Leadership Team
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Collective Impact

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