Presenting Grants

Presenting Grants ($1,000-$10,000)

These grants provide support to art museums and other organizations for presenting touring or packaged exhibitions. To be eligible, the exhibition must originate outside the county where it will be shown. Priority is given to exhibitions that are educational, serve to increase the local audience for visual arts, and seek to incorporate the visual arts as an essential element in the educational experience of all Alabamians.

These grants must be matched dollar-for-dollar in cash. When costs are offset through grants from other public funding sources, such as South Arts, the total combined funding from the State Arts Council and the other grants may not exceed 50 percent of the total cost of the presentation, including marketing, space rental and other miscellaneous costs.

No more than four (4) applications per fiscal year will be funded. Applications must include a contract or letter of engagement from the performer, signed by both parties, which verifies the date and artistic fee.

You may request up to $10,000. However, grant awards rarely exceed $7,500.