Operating Support Grants

Operating Support grants are awarded to organizations that demonstrate a consistent track record of high artistic achievement, public service, and managerial competency. Eligible organizations are expected to also have a well-developed and sustainable educational outreach program. Grant funds are discretionary and may be used in the day- to- day institutional activities of the organization in order to encourage originality and maintain a high level of artistic excellence in production.

Important Requirements for Organizations Seeking Operating Support

Organizations applying for operational support must maintain a three year average cash income of:

Program 3 Year Income Level
Community Arts


Performing Arts


Visual Arts


  1. New operating support applicants must submit a one year notification (in writing) of intent to apply. Deadline: June 1st of previous fiscal year.
  2. New applicants must have sustained threshold budget level (verified by independent audit) for two years before letter of intent.
  3. An independent evaluation of a new applicant will occur prior to plan/application submission and a required presentation to the Council will be initiated.
  4. Organizations receiving operating support are limited to the submission of one additional special project application per fiscal year, depending on funding availability.
  5. No more than two applications, including a request for operating support may be submitted per deadline.

NOTE: The Council is not currently accepting new organizations into the Operating Support Program.

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