Fellowship Award

The Fellowship Award provides direct assistance to Alabama artists across a range of disciplines including theatre, music and dance. Each year the Council awards two Fellowships of $5,000 in each of these three performing arts. The award recognizes exceptional work and is geared to support further development of the artist’s talents. Fellowships give individuals the financial ability to hone and deepen their craft while advancing their professional careers. These highly competitive awards also provide artists with recognition and affirmation from their peers and the public.


Fellowship applicants must be legal residents of Alabama for a minimum of two years prior to the application deadline, and are expected to maintain residency during the grant award year (Oct. 1-Sept. 30). Artists who have previously been awarded a Fellowship are eligible to apply for a second Fellowship six years after their first Fellowship. After an artist has received two Fellowships, they are no longer eligible to apply. The program does not provide funding for academic study in pursuit of a college degree.


Cash awards are made to individual artists based on merit of work, career achievement, career potential and service to the state. Quality of work and professionalism is determined by samples of work and the Fellowship narrative . Applicant should provide samples of the highest quality work completed within the last five years. Applicants are encouraged to be as specific as possible about the proposed use of Fellowship funds in order to illustrate the seriousness of their professional intent.


Candidates must submit their application electronically through the eGRANT system, then physically mail in a disc (dvd/cd) with three samples of work, a detailed resume, Inventory of Materials for Review and ASSURANCES page, which must to be received in the ASCA office within three days of the online application deadline.

Required Materials For Performing Arts Fellowship By Discipline

All required materials for the Performing Arts Program Fellowship Awards should be samples demonstrating the highest quality work completed during the past five (5) years. The process and required forms/materials are as follows:

Required Application Form:

  • An online eGrant application must be completed by March 1st at 5:00P.M. (Please submit by 4:45 P.M. to ensure receipt by deadline)
  • One Resume Summary form must be uploaded into the eGrant system
  • One detailed Inventory of Works Submitted for Review form must be uploaded into eGrant system
  • One comprehensive/detailed professional resume must be uploaded into the eGrant system
  • Samples of work must be submitted by mail within 3 days of the March 1st deadline
  • The CERTIFICATION (Section D) form must be submitted with samples of work

Mailing Address

Alabama State Council on the Arts
201 Monroe Street, Suite 110
Montgomery, AL 36130-1800

*Zip Code for OVERNIGHT SHIPMENTS other than U.S. Postal Services 36104

Required Samples of Work:

DANCE (Choreography, Performance)

  • A detailed professional resume and
  • One (1) DVD with Three (3) examples of dance performances by applicant; each example must be a minimum of 3 minutes -or-
  • One(1) DVD with Three (3) examples of choreographed works by applicant; each example must be a minimum of 5 minutes

MUSIC (Vocal, Instrumental, Composition, Conducting)

  • A detailed professional resume and
  • Three (3) Scores and One (1) DVD or CD with tagged recordings of each compositions -or-
  • One (1) DVD with Three (3) tagged examples of performances, with concert notes and arrangements

THEATRE (Acting, Design, Directing, Mime, Puppetry, Storytelling)

  • A detailed professional resume and
  • One (1) DVD with Three (3) tagged examples of performances and copies of the scenes with blocking -or-
  • One (1) DVD with Three (3) tagged examples of directorial scene work and copies of the scenes with directors notes -or-
  • Ten (10) tagged slides representing work in scene, light or costume design with plots and renderings -or-
  • Two (2) One-Act plays or (footage when possible) -or-
  • One (1) full-length play and excerpts from other plays (footage when possible).
Supplemental Materials: Additional supporting materials, e.g. brochures, headshots, Letters of Recommendation should be mailed in with the required material.

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