Project Grants

General Projects

Project grants provide support for a wide range of activities including author readings, literary festivals, contests, conferences or other presentations of literary works in public venues and non-profit literary publications. Education and outreach projects are priorities. Grant awards in this area rarely exceed $10,000.

Administrative Projects

Administrative support may be requested if a case is made in the application that directly connects administrative support to organizational growth and to enhancing the quality of programs. Salaries for full and part time staff may be included as a prominent part of the request. Grant awards in this area rarely exceed $7,500.

Consolidated Projects

A single application that consolidates several related projects by the requesting organization may be submitted for new or existing activities. A series of readings may be considered as a consolidated project. If a consolidated project application is submitted, only one additional application may be submitted in the same fiscal year. Grant awards in this area rarely exceed $15,000.

Criteria for Funding

Grant applications will be evaluated according to how well the relevant criteria are addressed in the project. These include evidence of: artistic excellence, educational benefits, broad-based community support, long-term impact, benefit to professional writers, preservation of Alabama’s literary and cultural heritage, cultural diversity, accessibility to audiences, appropriate venue and involvement of qualified personnel.

Who may apply?

An organization is eligible to apply for funding support of Literary Arts activities taking place in Alabama, if the organization has a non-profit 501 (c) 3 designation from the IRS, or the organization is a public or private educational institution, a school board, a local or county governmental agency, or a college or university. Colleges and universities are eligible only for activities that clearly serve the needs of the general public and communities.

Match requirement

Project grants must be matched dollar-for-dollar in cash, or a combination of cash and in-kind support. In order to count as matching funds, cash or in-kind contributions must be used to accomplish the programming objectives outlined in the application during the specified grant period. In-kind contributions may include donated services, space, or materials essential to the completion of the arts project. It is highly recommended that applicants seek advice and support from the Literary Arts Program Manager, Anne Kimzey, when applying for Literary Arts Projects.

Funding Restrictions

The Alabama State Council on the Arts does not fund:
  • Projects not available to the general public
  • Activities and performances planned solely for fund raising purposes
  • Food, beverages, or other refreshments
  • Expenses incurred prior to October 1 or after September 30 of the current grant year
  • Investments of any kind
  • Projects that have sectarian or religious purposes. However, such institutions may apply on behalf of the community for arts activities or programming where artistic expression is a primary focus
  • Indirect costs
Note: Colleges and universities are eligible only for activities that clearly serve the needs of the general public. Indirect costs involving the administration of the institution cannot be included. Activities producing academic credit (except internships) or those oriented primarily to students or the academic communities are not eligible.