Literary Arts Fellowships

The Alabama State Council on the Arts makes cash awards to individual writers in the literary arts based on merit of work, career achievement, career potential and service to the state. The award recognizes artistic excellence as well as professional commitment and maturity. It is intended to contribute to the further development of the literary artist and the advancement of his or her professional career. Applicants are encouraged to be as specific as possible about the proposed use of fellowship funds. Fellowships are competitive. Quality of work and professionalism as determined by samples of work, narrative, and resume are particularly important.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

An applicant must be a legal resident of Alabama and must have lived in the state for two years prior to the application deadline date and is expected to maintain residency during the grant award year (October 1 – September 30). An individual may submit only one fellowship application during the year. Fellowship recipients cannot apply again for six years after receipt of the award, but applicants who have not received a fellowship are encouraged to apply again. Individuals who have received two fellowships are no longer eligible.

What Supplemental Material is Required?

An applicant applying for an individual artist Fellowship must provide samples of work completed within the last five years. Please, include a detailed resume along with the following: a list of published work, reviews, and no more than 20 pages of poetry or prose. Label each page with the title, applicant’s name, and date. If published, indicate where published and the date of publication. Please do not submit bound published material.

Amount of Award?

Usually two $5,000 Fellowships are awarded each year.