Folk Arts Apprenticeships

Deadline – September 1

Click here for Folk Arts Apprenticeship guidelines.

These are grants to individuals for teaching the traditional folk arts of Alabama.

This program is designed to preserve and pass on Alabama’s traditional arts, such as: Sacred Harp singing, old-time fiddling, blues, folk pottery, oak basketry, willow furniture making, pine straw basketry, and quilting.

The grants can go to master artists to teach their traditional skills to students, or an apprentice can apply to work with a particular master artist.

There is one deadline on September 1 of each year. Paper applications must be postmarked by September 1 and arrive in the office within three business days of the deadline. A form is available below, which can be filled out and mailed in. Both the master and the apprentices must fill out and sign their sections and mail them in as a complete application. Up to five apprentices may be included with one master artist. A master artist and apprentice may not submit separate applications.

Applications may also be submitted electronically through our grants portal at Those submitting through our online grants portal, do not need to submit a paper application. Deadline for online submission is 5 pm on September 1.

Requests can range from $1,000 - $3,000.

The project period is January 1 through September 30.

Samples of the master artist’s work are required and are extremely important in evaluating the applications. Continuing students must submit samples of their work also. Please include high quality photos, DVDs or CDs with the application.

Due to the high number of applicants and the need to bring new artists into the program, artists who have received three consecutive years of funding must wait two years before reapplying.

Grant Applications:

Please contact Anne Kimzey at 334-242-5136 or prior to submitting an application.