Design Fellowships

Deadline: March 1

Individual artists working in architecture, fashion design, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture, or urban design and planning may apply for Design Fellowships. These cash awards are made to individual artists in the design arts based on:

  • Artistic Excellence
  • Professional Commitment and Maturity
  • Service to the state of Alabama

Fellowships are intended to contribute the artist’s continuing development and the advancement of his or her professional career.

Applicants are encouraged to be as specific as possible about the proposed use of Fellowship funds in order to illustrate the seriousness of their professional intent. Fellowships are extremely competitive. Panelists determine quality of work and professionalism by reviewing samples of work and narrative submitted with the application. Applicants should provide samples of their highest quality work completed within the last five years.

Applicants must submit their applications electronically through the eGRANT system and then physically mail in a disc with ten samples of work, resume, and supporting materials. Samples of work, certification page and supporting materials must be received in the ASCA office within three days of the online application deadline.


Fellowship applicants must be legal residents of Alabama for a minimum of two years prior to the application deadline, and are expected to maintain residency during the grant award year (Oct. 1-Sept. 30). Artists who have previously been awarded a Fellowship are eligible to apply for a second Fellowship six years after their first Fellowship. Artists who have received two Fellowships are no longer eligible to apply.

Funding Amount: $5,000