Professional Development

In order to support the incorporation of the arts as an essential element in the educational experience of all Alabamians, the Council provides professional development to artists, arts education specialists, classroom teachers and arts organizations in arts curriculum and collaboration opportunities, through its ongoing statewide partnerships. The Alabama Alliance for Arts Education and the Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts, work with each other and with the Council to provide comprehensive support to the State Department of Education, local school systems, schools, teachers and communities. Training is offered in arts integration, arts curriculum design, assessment in the arts and arts program design.

Please visit the websites of our partners for updates on professional development offerings:

Making Value Visible Plus: July 6th - July 9th

A workshop for Certified Arts Specialists, Teaching Artists (Practicing artists that work in the schools as guests), Education Directors of Cultural Arts Organizations (museums, arts councils, etc.), Classroom Teachers with experience in providing arts (through integration). Administrators (who want to explore embedding the arts in a school or system)

Making Value Visible supports anyone who delivers arts experiences to Alabama students. By demystifying formal assessment and evaluation of the arts, we make it possible for you to collect evidence that may be used to communicate the value of what you do. At the same time (and here is the +), we will help you explore effective partnerships and collaborations that include ongoing evaluations in order to effectively expand opportunities for students to experience the arts as an essential component of their education.

Save the Date for Institute 2014

Institute 2014 will be held June 16-20 in Montgomery at the St. James School in Montgomery. Schools are encouraged to send teams of at least 2 teachers and an administrator as we explore the essential place of STORY in history as reflected in the arts.

What is comprehensive arts education? It is not a specific curriculum. It is a way of teaching and learning that is based on the inquiry method. Some of the work you do will make you a better teacher by simply expanding your experience. As one teacher said last year, "We got to do grown-up things with grown-ups." There will be sessions that will fit your class or grade and there will be sessions that may not. but in each of these you will be able to see how to adapt a general concept to a specific need. To quote our Dance Director, "We are not into giving you a fish—we teach you how to fish." Each Institute strand will work throughout the week on lesson planning. Teachers will leave at the end of the week with at least one personally designed lesson.