Denise Dukes

Inspiring through Dance and Drama

Denise Dukes, is an INSPIRATIONAL ARTIST with over 20 years of experience in Theater, Dance, and Literary Arts. When Denise is not working as a Performing Artist, she serves as a community activist by collaborating with the educational, community and spiritual organizations. She utilizes her artistic talents through her speaking, performance and workshop engagements to inspire, encourage and uplift people around the World (especially our youth) to work together and unite through the Universal Language of the ARTS.

She is a member of the Alabama Alliance for Arts Education, a trained teaching artist with the Alabama Institute for Eduaction in the Arts DANA Foundation‐funded Black Belt teaching artist program, the Founder and Artistic Director of the International School of Performing Arts and has been selected as one of Alabama's top performing artist by the Southern Arts Federation.

Available Programs

  • Short ‐Term School Residences (1‐4 weeks) Grades K‐5/ Grades 6‐8/ Grades 9‐12
  • Student Performances Grades K‐5 /Grades 6‐8/ Grades 9‐12
  • Teacher/Administrator In‐Service Trainings (Arts Integration in the School Curriculum)
  • Special Artist Performance "Listen to Mama" - educating students on the history and cultural arts of "The Harlem Renaissance Era."  Grades K-5 and Grades 6-8
  • Special Artist Performance "CHOICES" - educating students on the importance of decision making: Addresses issues concerning teenage pregnancy, drug use; as well as, moral and family values.  Grades 9-12


Monday ‐ Fridays (Flexible Hours)


  • Bachelor of Science in Speech, Communications & Theatre


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