AIE Enhancement Grants ($1000-$3000)
Monroe County Heritage Museum Presents Local Potter Sam Williams

This component provides small grants for schools and organizations engaging in arts exposure and arts enrichment activities, such as in-school performances, field trips to arts facilites or events, or professional development workshops. Trips out of state or abroad do not receive priority, and must be related to a specific project that will have long term impact.

What We Fund

Funds may be used for transportation, tickets, presenter fees, workshop fees, and other direct costs related to the enhancement activities. Support may also be requested for emerging projects that are not yet fully developed into curriculum-based activities. Emerging projects will be eligible for no more than 2 years of funding under this program.  Funding is not available for band uniforms or instruments.

Criteria For Funding

Proposals are not required to connect to curriculum with standards, but will be evaluated according to opportunities for quality engagement in the arts, feasibility of implementation, and description of specific need. Please refer to the rubric provided here at Evidence of Excellence for guidance in how to include specific information on the general eGrant form.

Who May Apply?

Applicants may be individual schools, school systems or non-profit organizations, and may apply independently or as a collaboration/partnership. Any partners listed in the proposal should include letters of commitment in support materials.

Matching Requirement

Enhancement grants must be matched dollar for dollar in cash. Requests must be made between $1,000 and $3,000. ASCA funds may not be used for meals. Schools with over 40% students living under the poverty level may request enhancement grants with reduced or no matching requirement. Organizations partnering with schools are not eligible for a reduced matching requirement.

It is highly recommended that applicants see advice and support from the Arts in Education Program Manager when applying for Enhancement Grants.