General Evaluation Criteria
  1. Evidence of artistic excellence and the ability to provide quality experiences for audiences/participants.
  2. The extent to which educational benefits will be realized.
  3. Evidence of broad-based community support, planning, participation and collaborations.
  4. The potential for long-term impact within a school, school system, a community and/or the state in general.
  5. The extent to which professional artists are utilized and benefit.
  6. The potential for preserving and sharing Alabama’s living cultural heritage.
  7. The degree to which cultural diversity and multi-cultural artistic expression are recognized showcased and celebrated.
  8. The ability to make programs accessible to audiences with specific disabilities and limitations.
  9. The degree to which grant support can lead to partnerships and target needs, opportunities and shared goals of a statewide and/or community nature.
  10. Evidence of an appropriate venue for the activity.
  11. The qualifications of the personnel involved in the planning and implementation of the activity.