Mary Wadsworth White

Mary Wadsworth White

Mary Wadsworth White is an accomplished visual artist, an active supporter of theatre and music, and a promoter of the arts in public education. She received a BFA from the University of North Alabama and a BA, Magna Cum Laude, from Boston University.


Since moving to Alabama in the mid 1990’s, Mrs. White has served as a Board Member for the Shoals Symphony at UNA for seventeen years and as President for eight years. She has also served as a Board Member for the Kennedy Douglas Center for the Arts, the Tennessee Valley Art Association, the Friends of the Florence Lauderdale Public Library, the Shoals Family Success Center, and Downtown Florence Unlimited.


Mrs. White founded The Saint Francis Project at Trinity Episcopal Church in Florence. The organization was chartered to raise $1,000,000 for ministries and nonprofits in the Shoals community through grants with criteria based on the prayer of St. Francis. She also has served as a volunteer at the Cooperative Community Ministries, as a docent at Tennessee Valley Art Museum and as member of the Art Acquisition Committee for the University of North Alabama Foundation. Mrs. White was recognized as the first winner of the NO’ALA Renaissance Person of the Year Award in 2010 for her involvement with the arts and community service in the Shoals.


Mrs. White serves on the Council's Grants Review Committee.

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