Jonnie Dee Little Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Jonnie Dee Little Lifetime Achievement Award represents recognition by the Council for one who has devoted a lifetime of energy, service, and contributions to the arts in Alabama. The award is named after a past Council Member Dr. Jonnie Dee Little who exemplified the spirit of this award in every respect.

  • James Hatcher, Birmingham
  • Jonnie Dee Little, Auburn
  • J. L. Lowe, Birmingham
  • Wynton Blount, Montgomery
  • Louise Rodgers, Huntsville
  • Hugh Thomas, Birmingham
  • Allen Bales, Tuscaloosa
  • Jack Warner, Tuscaloosa
  • Elton B. Stephens, Birmingham
  • James Nelson, Birmingham
  • Philip A. Sellers, Montgomery
  • Gloria Narramore Moody, Birmingham
  • Robert P. Gamble, Greenville
  • Dot Moore, Guntersville
  • Joe McInnes, Montgomery
  • Lyndra Daniel, Birmingham
  • Theresa Harper Bruno, Birmingham
  • Gail Andrews, Birmingham