To help promote the upcoming Alabama Folklife Association event  In Harmony: The Gospel Quartet Music Tradition of Jefferson County, this radio program is a rebroadcast with Joey Brackner interviewing film maker Robert Clem about his project the Gospel Highway.  In the second half of the program Joey interviews Auguster Maul, lead singer for the Delta Aires Quartet.

Following the lecture at the In Harmony event in Birmingham on Saturday November 5th, 2011, guests will enjoy a screening of The Jefferson County Sound: Alabama’s Black Gospel  Quartets by Robert Clem of Alabama. The Jefferson County Sound profiles five Alabama quartets who are  still performing today: The Blind Boys of Alabama, Fairfield Four (based in Nashville but led by Jefferson  County native Isaac Freeman), Four Eagles, Delta-Aires and Birmingham Sunlights. Robert Clem, A graduate of Anniston High School and Birmingham-Southern College, later received an M.F.A. from NYU Graduate Film  School. He has been a fellow at the Sundance Institute writer/director’s lab and his films include Company  K; Big Jim Folsom: The Two Faces of Populism; Eugene Walter: Last of the Bohemians; Malbis Plantation: From Greece to America, and In the Wake of the Assassins. After the film, singers of two generations will participate in a roundtable discussion to be recorded for  documentation and preservation purposes. The day will end with the concert to feature The Pillars and  The Birmingham Sunlights. The performance will begin at 5:30 p.m. The Birmingham Sunlights have toured nationally and internationally as ambassadors of the singing style and the members of The Pillars  include Norman Wooding, Jr., Reverend Don Solomon, Henry Burton, and Bob Friedman, all of whom have over fifty years of experience singing, recording, and performing.


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