Johnny Shines, Tuscaloosa


John Ned "Johnny" Shines (1989)

Johnny Shines (1915 - 1992) was one of the last of the old style blues musicians and a colleague of the legendary Robert Johnson, Howlin' Wolf and others. His life mirrored blues history from his delta beginnings to his move to Chicago where he was part of the electrification of the blues to his rediscovery during the 1970's by a generation of mostly white blues fans. Despite the monumental influence on world music exerted by Johnny Shines and his generation of blues musicians, they never collected just financial compensation.


Johnny Shines Playing Blues Guitar, Old Alabama Town Montgomery

For the last twenty four years of his life, Johnny Shines lived in Alabama and influenced scores of young musicians. After a debilitating stroke in the early 1980's affected his guitar playing, these students encouraged and accompanied him on numerous engagements throughout the United States and Europe. Johnny Shines was a recipient of the 1989 Alabama Folk Heritage Award and participated in ASCA's Apprenticeship Program as a Master Artist. He was a crowd favorite at the Alabama Folklife Festival as well as other traditional music festivals throughout the country.

Johnny Shines singing "Sweet Home Chicago"


Johnny Shines Playing Blues Guitar, Old Alabama Town Montgomery 2
Johnny Shines at Old Alabama Town Montogmery