School Artist Rosters
Jackie Jack White, Alabama songwriter and vocalist has performed as
part of the Alabama Touring Artist Program

These lists have been developed through an adjudication process in partnership with the Alabama Alliance for Arts Education, the Alabama Institute for Education and the Arts, and the Alabama State Department of Education. Artists that want to be included on these lists must contact the Arts in Education Program Manager of the Council to obtain application instructions. Artists are selected through a review process that involves a consensus of all partners. Please read the description of each list carefully before searching for artists.

Schools are encouraged to check references and interview candidates before committing to an artist. Whereas the Council feels strongly that the artists on this list are highly qualified artists, we do not guarantee a good fit for any particular school or situation. Background checks are the responsibility of the individual school.


Collaborating Artists

These artists have been trained to collaborate with classroom instructors to integrate their art with other content fields. They may also offer professional development sessions with classroom teachers and administrators. It is recommended that residencies for these artists be designed to include time for professional development seminars and collaboration with classroom teachers. A few of these artists have experience and/or are willing to serve for the Collaborating Artist Program grants in 2014.

Guest Artists

These artists are specialists in one or more art forms and may lead workshops and residencies within their qualified fields and/or may offer presentations and performances. These are enrichment activities that engage student in hands on arts experiences. Connecting to the curriculum may be the responsibility of the school or partnering teachers.

Touring Artists

This is a small list of Alabama touring artists, that changes each year. Artists are engaged to participate in the Alabama Touring Artist Program. A separate application process is required to be placed on this list and it is only available to artists that reside permanently in Alabama.