Sudha Raghuram

Cultural Dance from India

Sudha Raghuram is an acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer from Bangalore, India. She is proud to be a citizen of the United States. Montgomery, Alabama has been her home for the past 24 years. She teaches Bharatanatyam, an ancient dance form from southern India, to aspiring students eager to learn its intricacies. She has also been trained in Kathak, a classical dance form of Northern India. She teaches Indian folk dance and semi-classical dance from the Bollywood style, as seen in movies. Sudha has been awarded the Folk Artists Apprenticeship grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts for 10 out of the last 24 years. In 2013, she was awarded a Dance Fellowship from the Council and was selected to participate in the Alabama Touring Artist Program to perform Bharatanatyam in different schools across Alabama.

Children from birth have used movement to express their feelings and thoughts, which is a form of dance by itself. It will be natural and enjoyable for children to learn Bharatanatyam, a dance form encompassing movement, expression and hand gestures for storytelling. In communicating the story, the dancer weaves a wealth of imagery: pictorial, figurative and rhetorical. Events, incidents, moods, thoughts and anything even remotely relevant is harnessed and woven into the delineation.




Dance recital/solo performance

Workshops (starting from half day workshops)

Short term residencies


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