Russell Gulley

Music is the Soundtrack of our Lives

Russell Gulley is a veteran Muscle Shoals musician with national tour and recording credits. He has over 7 years experience as a DANA trained teaching artist, first as artist in residence in the Fort Payne City Schools and second at various residencies in schools throughout the state of Alabama. The discipline that Russell works in is music - traditional roots music, that is - Americana, blues, folk, gospel, and country as related to American Pop Music.

Russell brings to the table an art form that integrates easily with other curriculum. Language arts is a natural due to composition, storytelling, etc. But just as we all learned our ABC’s by singing the old rhyme…….singing and music can help students learn any subject, and retain the material longer through association with the arts experience. Using music in the classroom is easier than most may think. We all have some natural sense of rhyme and rhythm. Russell uses that natural sense in a simple process that will have students and teachers composing simple songs about any subject desired to be taught.

No musical instruments are required, the only materials needed are those already found in the classroom. Pencil, paper, etc. Audio and video recorders are welcome, as are musical instruments if desired, but not essential.

Russell is a lead artist for the Collaborating Artist Program. His first year participation and data collection have helped to test and develop the original model. He currently acts as a curriculum planning consultant for the program.




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