Jonathan Blanchard

Soul Singer, Songwriter and Actor,

A strong proponent of arts integration, Blanchard conducts teacher workshops and residencies in schools and colleges all over the country.  History Alive-The Power of Music showcases programs that are interactive, educational, and fun. Jonathan also performs concerts showcasing his own original works at colleges, churches, festivals and performing arts venues throughout the United States.  Blanchard is a Lincoln Center Teaching Artist. He also serves on the teaching artist rosters for the Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. Arts integration with core curriculum is the central theme of his work. Blanchard brings historical events alive through music. Using concert/talk format with full band accompaniment Jonathan’s presentation, can be adapted to accommodate any grade level.




Flexible on week days during any time of the year except February for concerts, short term residencies

Programs Offered

  • Music of the Civil Rights Movement Explores and explains the music that shaped and fueled the Civil Rights Movement.

  • From History to Hip - Chronicles the evolution of African American Music from the work song to Hip-Hop.

  • The Block Party - A musical experience allowing students and faculty to have  a good time celebrating the music of old and new….from Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars.

  • The Spiritual - One Man Show explores the history, tradition, and artistry of America’s first original art form, the African American Spiritual.

  • New *** Anti Bullying Program provides students with tools they need to identify, prevent, and ignore cyber and traditional bullying through music history and application. This Anti Bullying program helps students and teacher create a bully-free zone through arts intergration.


    Jonathan Blanchard’s Anti-Bullying Program is an inventive and, of course, entertaining way to address the concept of bullying.  The interactive format allows students to role play in an effort to both define what bullying is, how students feel when they are being bullied, and provides mechanisms for students who are being bullied to get help.


  • School Concerts


Flexible on week days during any time of the year or concerts and short-term residencies

B.S. in Commercial Music; M.S. in Music Education from Tennesse State University

AFFLIATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: Tennessee Artist Roster, Lincoln Center Teaching Artist, Alabama State Council on the Arts Artist Roster. Collaborating Artist Program. Blanchard has presented residencies in Alabama, Tennessee and Illinois.


Lynette Davis, agent

Blanchard Resides in Atlanta, Ga

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