Sustaining Arts Instruction and Learning (SAIL)
June 25-30, 2018
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The Alabama Arts Alliance provides workshop for teachers, arts specialists, administrators and cultural arts organizations each summer in specialized tracks designed to meet the unique needs of the individual. Creating Value offers hands on arts integration activities. Making Value Visible focuses on arts curriculum design and assessment.

Summer Institute 2018
The Art of Story: Stars Fell on Alabama

June 11-15, 2018
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The Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts provides workshops in comprehensive arts educaiton  for teachers and administrators. Participants choose an area of focus from dance, theatre, music, visual arts or Administrators' Leadership.

Collaborating Artist Program
This four week artist residency program is providing intensive embedded professional development for schools, classroom teachers, and practicing artists and arts organizations. It is a model of quality and rigorous collaboration between one or more local artists, and a targeted group of teachers and students in a school. This model implements high quality arts integration strategies, and divides the responsibilities for the teaching of the arts (which is done by the artist) and the teaching of the academics (which is done by the targeted group of teachers), between all participating educators in a true team teaching format.  This is a project-based learning model (PBL) where the project is a work of art created by the students using the desired knowledge and skills identified by the teachers and the artist in a full day of planning before the residency begins.  The final work of art becomes the summative assessment of the learning accomplished during the residency.

Artists who want to participate do not have to be experienced in arts integration. They do have to be very good at communicating their craft. The residency itself trains artists and classroom teachers in a process of collaboration that aligns with the plan of the Artistic Literacy Consortium.

For more information about the program please visit the Collaborating Artist Program webpage, or call Diana Green at 334-242-4076, Ext. 241.