Shared Evaluation
Alabama's Shared Evaluation Model is funded in part by a Collective Impact Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Our evaluator is Dr. Stacy Hughey Surman, PhD, University of Alabama, Department of Educational Studies.

First: The Shared Evaluation System is a means of collecting information that will help organizations and schools learn about their own efforts to improve, grow, and meet the challenges that all programs face. Although the information gathered may be useful to determine accountability and validity, particularly for funders, the main objective is to learn.

Second: The Shared Evaluation Model provides participants with an honest appraisal of the goals, plans, and outcomes of individual programs.

Third: Your participation allows for all of us to move forward with our shared mission to provide fully funded, high quality arts education for every Alabama student.

To enter the system please, go to Shared Evaluation Model at this link:

For questions and help using the system please contact Dr. Stacy Hughey Surman