Plan for Arts Education:
The Artistic Literacy Consortium
Creatively Innovating Alabama's Future
Created by the Arts Education Leadership Team,
a partnership between the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the Alabama State Department of Education.

Endorsed by:
The Alabama State Council on the Arts
The Alabama State Department of Education

Alabama A+ Education Partnership
Alabama Arts Alliance
Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts
Alabama Public Television
Alabama School of Fine Arts

To provide fully funded high-quality arts education that enlightens, inspires, and develops in every Alabama student the creative and innovative thinking necessary to ensure college and career readiness.

 1. Build expectations for the arts to enhance economy, community, and quality of life.
 2. Provide both virtual and actual access and equity to quality arts learning for all students.
 3. Advance arts education opportunities to facilitate college and career readiness.
 4. Employ the arts as a catalyst to create and maintain an engaged school and community environment.

This plan calls for the participation of multiple, diverse stakeholders, working locally and statewide, to make measureable progress toward the mission and goals of the Artistic Literacy Consortium. Members are asked to align efforts and track progress through participation in a shared evaluation system.

The proposed structure requires a robust partnership between the State Department of Education and the Alabama State Council on the Arts in regional collaborative centers, providing grass roots support that maximizes the availability of resources from cross sector stakeholders at every level. Centers should be strategically placed to ensure equity of access and quality. The ability to work in collaboration with established in-service centers, higher education, and other forms of academic support will strengthen the impact of these centers. The use of these resource centers should be open to all regional schools and community organizations seeking support for arts education programming and initiatives.

Executive Summary (Plan for Arts Education)
Structure Graphic
Stakeholder Recommendations
Shared Evaluation System
Collaborative Arts Resource Centers