Alabama Advocacy Commission

The Advocacy commission is an effort administrated by the Alabama Arts Alliance. The main activity of this completely voluteer effort is an annual statewide Arts Advocacy Conference held each spring in Montgomery, Alabama. Participants who attend learn about successful projects happening across the state, and even nationally. There is a focus on the impact the arts can and do make in our great state. Stakeholders for the arts come together to share, celebrate and learn in an intensive, friendly and constructive environment that includes performances, keynote addresses, and workshops. If you want to support the arts, but are not sure how, or if you want to increase the impact of the work you are already doing, this conference is a must for you.

Join us in Montgomery as we celebrate and support the arts in Alabama and harness the Power of Collective Impact. Registration opens February 5th.


April 3: Pre-conference Performance
April 4: Advocacy Concference

Special Pre Conference VIP Reception and Performance - "Humanism" Performed by SOLAS at the Davis Theatre. Solas is the primary performing ensemble for Walk With Me Foundation, Inc. It is comprised of approximately twenty semi-professional and professional singers; Mrs. Karen Cantrell, piano; Dr. Terrance Brown, conductor/artistic director; and Dr. Tiffany Bostic-Brown, guest artist.

HUMANISM is a program that seeks to pinpoint the suppressed truths that have created divisions in our world be they racial, gender, sexuality, socio-economic, religious, etc. 

Conference will feature Dr. Terrance Brown, Dr. Patrica Moore, and Dr. Steven Shewfelt. Student performances, and breakout sessions covering current topics that will assist you in your grassroots advocacy efforts.